Metastatic bone symptoms of breast cancer?

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Aunt got breast cancer for three or four years, has been through drug control, but the recent examination found bone metastasis phenomenon, so I am particularly worried, so what are the symptoms of bone metastasis of breast cancer, let's learn.

Metastatic bone symptoms of breast cancer?

First of all, bone metastasis of breast cancer refers to that breast cancer cells transfer to bone through blood circulation, and grow locally in bone, causing bone destruction. When tumor invades periosteum or forms pathological fracture, it can produce severe pain symptoms. When spinal metastasis, cancer can protrude into medullary cavity or form pathological compression fracture symptoms, and finally oppress spinal cord, causing paraplegia.

Secondly, the common sites of bone metastasis of breast cancer are: thoracic spine, lumbar spine, pelvis, ribs, femur, etc. Most of them were osteolytic lesions and a few were osteogenic lesions.

Finally, bone metastasis is the second most common hematogenous metastasis of breast cancer, which mainly invades the red pulp. X-ray examination shows irregular bone destruction, similar to insect erosion, and a few can show dual changes of osteoclast and osteogenesis. Therefore, patients with breast cancer must go to the hospital regularly after diagnosis to avoid this phenomenon.

matters needing attention

If bone metastasis occurs, the patient's condition is in the late stage. Active symptomatic treatment should be taken to improve the patient's symptoms, improve the patient's quality of life and prolong his life. Family members should also accompany and encourage patients, help them build confidence, and avoid patients groaning every day, which is even worse for their condition.