What is the reason of weak sperm

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Male sperm activity is weak, then it will lead to physical problems of male patients, and male patients with sperm activity is weak, but also easy to lead to male patients with infertility and other symptoms, seriously affect the normal life of male patients, and the emergence of infertility is also easy to lead to psychological problems of male patients, so it needs to be controlled in time In order to effectively ensure the patient's body, to avoid the weak sperm activity problem aggravation, induce other problems, so we should actively treat, so as to effectively ease their own physical problems. Let's take a look at the following.

What is the reason of weak sperm

First: the phenomenon of weak sperm motility in men may be caused by inflammation of the genitals. If the patient has epididymitis, prostatitis and other inflammation, it will induce problems in the seminal plasma of the patient, which will easily lead to the problem of weak sperm motility.

Second: the reason for weak sperm motility may also be due to mycoplasma infection in patients, mainly because Mycoplasma will attach to the tail of sperm, which may lead to the obstruction of sperm motility, and also induce weak sperm motility and other problems.

Third: the reason of weak sperm motility may also be due to varicocele. Varicocele can lead to the obstruction of venous blood flow in the testicular position, and also lead to hypoxia, which can induce weak sperm motility in patients.

matters needing attention

If more attention is paid to alleviate their own physical problems, then the patients can recover their health, and can also avoid the aggravation of their own physical problems, so as to achieve the effect of controlling physical problems.