How does boy genital herpes recur to treat

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I had a relationship with a man a few days ago. He told me afterwards that he suffered from genital herpes. Yesterday, I always felt itchy in the vagina. I felt that there were many small pimples. I think he should have infected me. For the problem of how to treat the recurrence of genital herpes in boys, let me tell you.

How does boy genital herpes recur to treat

Treatment 1: genital herpes patients have direct infection, supplies infection, this is indirect infection, there is a virus infection in the human body, once the immune decline, will produce herpes symptoms. Therefore, the treatment of genital herpes should start from two aspects, antivirus, improve immunity.

Treatment 2: systemic treatment: regulate immunity and prevent recurrence. Acyclovir can be given intravenously or orally, interferon can be given intramuscularly, and interleukin II can be given intramuscularly. It can selectively inhibit virus replication, reduce the occurrence of new damage, relieve pain, shorten wound healing and detoxification time.

Treatment 3: with the method of freezing can make condyloma acuminatum frozen, the formation of local tissue edema, thus destroying the wart. The biggest advantage of cryotherapy is that there is no local trace, and the cure rate is about 70%. The spray method or direct contact method can be applied to flat and smaller warts. It is usually frozen once a week for 2-3 times.

matters needing attention

Prevention of genital herpes, diet is also to pay attention to, such as spicy hair, smoking and drinking will affect the disease, reduce the patient's immunity, so we should pay attention to avoid eating spicy food, smoking and drinking.