Does stomach cold have a fever

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Generally, as long as there is inflammation in the body, without proper treatment, it will lead to fever, and most colds are caused by virus infection, such as some rhinovirus, adenovirus, and some are caused by upper respiratory tract infection, especially in the body rain, cold or fatigue, so that those viruses are easy to enter the human body, causing damage to some organs of the body Injury will lead to fever. Generally, we should pay great attention to maintenance, and the best way is to go to the hospital for treatment.

Does stomach cold have a fever

First: in general, this gastrointestinal type of cold and fever may be caused by the virus in time. If it is more serious, you must go to the hospital for examination and treatment, so that it will not lead to the deterioration of the disease. You can also properly put in some physiological saline or anti-inflammatory liquid.

Second: if the disease can be controlled, you can take some mild Chinese medicine at home, such as some Banlangen or honeysuckle, which have good detoxification and anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, you can drink more warm water to help the body detoxify.

Third: we should also pay great attention to diet. Eat more healthy food, such as some liquid food. Remember that you can eat more vegetables and fruits after the disease has eased. The vitamins can also help the body supplement nutrition, which is conducive to the recovery of the disease.

matters needing attention

For this disease, we must always remember to take good prevention, do not always eat some junk food, these are the source of viral cold, there is also to remember to drink plenty of water to maintain adequate sleep.