What symptom does darling thrush have?

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If the baby refuses to eat, eating and drinking will be very painful. At the same time, he is restless, crying and even has slight fever. Baba hemp should pay attention to the oral mucosa of the baby and see if there are patches of leukoplakia. If there are, it is necessary to consider that the baby has thrush. What symptom does darling thrush have? Let's talk about it.

What symptom does darling thrush have?

Thrush, also known as snow mouth disease, can occur at any age, but infants under 2 years old are the most common. At the beginning of the disease, the oral mucosa is congested and reddened, and there are a large number of scattered soft spots like snow and the size of needle tip, which can soon fuse into white patches, like milk clots, which can spread all over the oral mucosa; The white plaques are not easy to be wiped off with cotton swab or wet gauze.

When the infection is mild, it is not easy to find unless the mouth is carefully examined, and there is no obvious pain, or only the expression of pain when eating. In severe cases, the baby will be restless due to pain, poor appetite, crying, lactation difficulties, and sometimes accompanied by mild fever;

If the damaged mucosa is not treated in time, it can continue to expand and spread to the pharynx, tonsils, gums, etc. in more serious cases, the lesion can spread to the esophagus and bronchus, causing candidal esophagitis or pulmonary candidiasis, resulting in dyspnea and dysphagia. A few cases can be complicated with chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis, which can affect lifelong immune function. Even secondary to other bacterial infections, resulting in sepsis.

matters needing attention

Clean the tableware for infants and then steam it for 10-15 minutes. Lactating mothers should wash areola with warm water before feeding; And should often take a bath, change underwear, cut nails, every time when holding a child to wash hands first; For infants and young children's bedding and toys to regularly wash, drying; The baby's washing utensils should be separated from the parents as far as possible and disinfected regularly; Children should often take some outdoor activities to increase the body's resistance; For infants and young children living together in kindergartens, the utensils must be separated and not mixed; Antibiotics should be used under the guidance of doctors.