Symptoms of incision infection in cesarean section

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Many people who have wounds on their skin may know that sometimes in the process of wound healing or after healing, the wound will itch. What should we do when this phenomenon occurs? Of course, we should try our best to avoid scratching, because scratching leads to skin lesions that are prone to infection and affect wound recovery. There are many women who choose caesarean section, scar often appear itchy phenomenon. The symptoms of abdominal incision infection, we will understand.

Symptoms of incision infection in cesarean section

Generally speaking, women in the cesarean section after three months to six months or so, the scar will gradually become flat and soft, the color becomes dark brown, at this time the scar is prone to itching. Especially in sweating or changing weather, there will be a particularly severe itching, when not in time to stop itching, scratching is very easy to cause skin bleeding.

When the cesarean section knife edge itching phenomenon, you can apply some external medicine, can choose dexamethasone ointment to stop itching. Do not scratch or scald with hot water. Do not rub the scar. It will only itch. Keep the scar clean and clean. Wipe off the sweat in time to reduce itching.

Diet conditioning should also be done well. At this time, we should improve our diet and eat more fruits, eggs, lean meat, skin and other foods rich in vitamin C, e and essential amino acids. These foods can promote blood circulation, improve the metabolism function of epidermis, and help the recovery of knife edge and reduce itching.   

matters needing attention

Caesarean scar must pay attention to avoid sunlight, prevent ultraviolet stimulation to form pigmentation. As long as you pay attention to the care and diet taboo, general scar itching will gradually disappear with the extension of time, so this period should pay attention to avoid eating hot pepper, onion, garlic and other exciting food.