How does hand numbness return a responsibility? How to treat

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Numbness of hands is a common phenomenon. I don't think we all know what numbness of hands is. In our daily life, we are very likely to encounter hand numbness phenomenon, such as pillow arm sleep will appear hand numbness. However, some people, especially some old people, must be vigilant when they encounter numbness in their hands. Hand numbness how to return a responsibility, how to treat, below I tell everybody.

How does hand numbness return a responsibility? How to treat

First: the symptoms are various, finger numbness is one of them, do cervical X-ray can help diagnosis. In the treatment of cervical spondylosis, in addition to physical therapy, traction and application of some drugs for promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, some slow neck exercises can be done at ordinary times; the height of pillow should be appropriate when sleeping, generally 7-9cm high, the hardness and softness should be moderate, and the sleeping posture should be correct, so as to avoid compression of local blood vessels and nerve tissues.

Second: for some people who often drink, if the palm numbness, it indicates chronic alcoholism. If chronic alcoholism is not intervened in time, it can lead to dysfunction of various systems, even irreversible pathological damage, such as chronic peptitis and ulcer, alcoholic myocarditis, fatty liver or liver cirrhosis, central nervous system degeneration or brain atrophy.

Third: if the elderly long-term poor digestion and absorption function, malnutrition, will cause vitamin B1 deficiency caused by peripheral neuritis, causing finger numbness. In sleep, if the posture is not right, neck deflection, arm pressure will also cause finger numbness.

matters needing attention

Usually we must pay attention to the diet, do not eat spicy food. Don't touch each other with pungent smell. Appropriate outdoor aerobic breathing exercise. Also eat more vitamin rich food, fresh fruits and vegetables. Enhance the resistance against bacteria.