Early symptoms of type 2 diabetes?

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The patients with type 2 diabetes should eat low glycemic index, high dietary fiber content, easy to digest light food. We must pay attention to the medication, and suggest eating more vegetables, such as cucumber, tomato, green vegetables, celery and so on. Fruit such as grapefruit, kiwi, strawberry, green apple. Protein selection of high-quality protein, such as lean meat, milk, fish, etc. The best choice for staple food is steamed bread made of coarse grains such as corn flour, buckwheat flour and oat flour. So let's take a look at the early symptoms of type 2 diabetes? What about it?

Early symptoms of type 2 diabetes?

First, eyes are prone to fatigue, and vision drops sharply. When I feel tired easily, I can't see clearly. When I stand up, my eyes turn black, my eyelids droop, my vision becomes narrow, and I can't see clearly. These are symptoms of diabetes.

Second: the symptoms of diabetes will also have numbness, chills. Because of the loss of temperature sense and the dullness of pain sense, all kinds of lower limb trauma and infection are easy to occur. These are also symptoms of diabetes.

Third: due to the loss of a large amount of urine sugar, eating increased. At the same time, because of high blood sugar to stimulate insulin secretion, the patient is prone to hunger, high appetite, and the feeling of not having enough to eat. These symptoms of diabetes are also common.

matters needing attention

As we know, diet is also one of the most common ways to treat diabetes. It is the premise of all treatment methods and is suitable for all types of diabetes patients. In light cases, dietotherapy can achieve good results. In medium and severe cases, physical therapy and drug therapy should be reasonably applied on the basis of dietotherapy. Only if the diet is well controlled, oral hypoglycemic drugs or pancreatic islets can play a good effect. Otherwise, blindly relying on the so-called new and good drugs and ignoring food therapy, it is difficult to achieve good clinical results.