What symptom is synovitis?

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After having synovitis, it can be divided into first-degree symptoms, second-degree symptoms and severe symptoms. If it is a first-time symptom, it is mild synovitis. This kind of synovitis will be mainly manifested as joint pain. Although there can be joint swelling, the swelling is almost invisible, or there is slight joint swelling. When the patient walks, the joints will not creak. When the patient goes up and down the stairs, the joint pain is relatively uncomfortable. If the patient walks for a long time, he will have the feeling of joint fever.

What symptom is synovitis?

If it is severe synovitis, joint pain and joint swelling are very significant. At this time, the joint will be stiff and inflexible, and when the patient goes up and down the stairs, the joint will be particularly uncomfortable, and even make the patient not like to do a little exercise. The patella may soften at this time.

Second degree synovitis in patients squatting Lake syndrome is in patients walking around the corner will have more serious pain feeling, at the same time, second degree synovitis will be accompanied by varying degrees of muscle atrophy phenomenon, in patients after exercise joint swelling feeling will be more intense, and second degree synovitis at night when all kinds of symptoms will aggravate.

If it is once synovitis, if you don't pay attention and do strenuous activities, then the pain can be very severe, and may lead to joint stiffness. If it is second degree synovitis, the pain is particularly significant, but joint swelling is very significant.

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In addition, synovitis also has some concurrent symptoms, such as joint effusion after the disease, which is an important cause of joint inactivity. Joint effusion can be aspirated through puncture operation.