What symptom does liver cancer terminal have

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The development of liver cancer in the late stage is very serious. My impression of my uncle is that the pain is unbearable. In the late stage, there is basically no good way to treat it. Let's take a look at the symptoms of advanced liver cancer.

What symptom does liver cancer terminal have

Symptom 1: a serious lack of appetite, lack of interest in food, and often cause hiccup phenomenon, the lack of spiritual and nutritional intake, more serious condition of cancer patients.

Symptom 2: severe nausea and vomiting, common symptoms of advanced cancer patients, may be caused by the side effects of treatment, may also be caused by cancer invasion of digestive or nervous system, this kind of performance will often make patients more painful.

Symptom 3: pain in the liver region. The normal tissues in the late stage of liver cancer will be destroyed and infiltrated by the tumor, causing compression and destruction of the adjacent nerve roots, local tissue ischemia and necrosis, blocked blood flow, bone and periosteum infiltration, which can cause pain. Therefore, pain is the most common complication in patients with advanced liver cancer.

matters needing attention

In the late stage of liver cancer, the diet should be light, fresh vegetables, proper amount of high-quality protein and less high-fat food. Late stage can also be combined with traditional Chinese medicine adjuvant treatment, as far as possible to improve the quality of life of patients.