How does cold itch cough return a responsibility?

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For viral cold and cough, this phenomenon will undoubtedly affect the normal work and study of female friends. As long as our condition is not serious, we can use drugs to control it. Now on the market for the treatment of cough can be said to be a variety of drugs, today let me share with you how the cold itching cough?.

How does cold itch cough return a responsibility?

First: if it is confirmed that the cold is caused by cough, we must go to the hospital for treatment in time. For some reasons, such as the cough caused by pharyngitis, the discomfort of pharyngeal mucosa will often stimulate the patient to cough, which is more severe. Once the throat is itchy, the patient will cough. In this case, the family can not solve the problem at home, should seek medical treatment in time, ask the doctor to make a clear diagnosis before symptomatic treatment.

Second: infants are prone to bronchiolitis, a form of pneumonia. Children with bad face, often purple, or breathing faster, shoulder breathing, and inhaled chest wall depression, should also be sent to the hospital in time.

Third: the result of medication is that the patient's appetite is poor, the appetite is not good, the nutrition can't keep up, and the patient's resistance is poor. In this way, the patient is more likely to catch a cold and cough, so this kind of patient will fall into a vicious circle. The patient often grows thin, has a brown complexion, and even causes asthma. So when the patient has cough symptoms, parents should first observe the cough, see if there are complications and systemic symptoms, and then decide whether to see a doctor immediately.

matters needing attention

Most children cough will be accompanied by sputum, sputum stimulation of the throat is an important cause of cough. In addition, the bronchial cavity of children is narrow, the ciliary movement of bronchial epithelium is poor and the secretion of respiratory mucus * glands is insufficient. It is easy to cause sputum retention and cause cough to aggravate.