Does stream of people have remnant symptom?

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Abortion surgery is the biggest harm to the uterus, women after surgery only to understand whether the uterus after abortion recovery is good, in order to better understand their body recovery, so the recovery of the uterus after abortion is very important. Everyone in life due to different lifestyles and the influence of some living habits will let their body residue some body garbage, then after abortion uterine residue symptoms?? Let's talk about it.

Does stream of people have remnant symptom?

The recovery time of uterus after artificial abortion is about 42 days. The uterus that just gave birth to a child is about as big as the child's head and weighs about 1kg. It will return to its original size about 4-6 weeks after delivery, that is, the size of an egg, 50-70g. This change process is called uterine involution, which is mainly repaired by continuous contraction of the uterus. Puerpera, in postpartum 42 days or so, should go to the hospital to do gynecological examination, to understand whether the uterus returns to normal.

After the placenta is discharged, the uterus will contract immediately. In the abdomen, you can touch a hard and spherical uterus with your hand. Its highest point is at the same level as the navel. Later, the height of the uterine fundus will drop 1-2 cm every day. About 10-14 days after delivery, the uterus will become smaller and fall into the small pelvic cavity. At this time, in the abdomen can not touch the bottom of the uterus.

The closure of the cervix at the end of delivery, the cervix congestion, edema, will become very soft, cervical wall is also very thin, wrinkled like a cuff, 7 days later will return to the original shape. After 7-10 days, the internal orifice of the cervix will be closed. Until about 4 weeks after delivery, the cervix will return to normal size.

matters needing attention

Women in abortion surgery after some recovery of the uterus can have a significant role in food, we can use motherwort to treat poor uterine contraction. The action of Leonurus japonicus can excite the uterus, stimulate the contraction of uterus, and significantly enhance the contraction and tension of uterine muscle. If the uterine contraction after abortion is not good and the postoperative bleeding is not enough, the appropriate use of drugs to promote uterine contraction and with hemostatic drugs for treatment.