How is enuresis caused?

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Enuresis, commonly known as bed wetting, usually refers to the involuntary urination of children in deep sleep. Generally, only 20% of the patients have enuresis at the age of 4 and 5% at the age of 10. Primary enuresis occurs in 70% - 80% of patients without obvious organic lesions of urinary tract or nervous system. How is enuresis caused? Next, I'd like to share my views with you.

How is enuresis caused?

Genetic factors: if the child's father and mother have a history of enuresis, the child's enuresis is more common. Generally, 40% of their sons have enuresis, and 25% of their daughters also suffer from it. In addition, in some children with enuresis, 30% of the children's fathers have a history of enuresis, and 20% of the children's mothers have a history of enuresis. In addition, the proportion of twins with enuresis is lower than that of monozygotic twins.

Nervous: this kind of enuresis is transient. When the mood is stable, the phenomenon of enuresis will decrease or disappear. This kind of children often occur in family discord, parents often fight, some parents divorced, before entrance examination and other circumstances, parents should pay attention to the emotional changes of children, give children a healthy psychological state.

Disease factors: this situation is rare, mainly due to organic diseases. For example, patients with urinary tract infection, urethral malformation and spina bifida are the high risk population of the disease, which should be paid attention to.

matters needing attention

Ginkgo bladder soup: 100-200 grams of pig bladder (wash and cut into pieces), 5 pieces of Ginkgo (fried and shelled), 10-15 grams of compound basin, the same soup, seasoned with salt. It has the function of tonifying liver and kidney and reducing defecation. It is suitable for night urination and enuresis in children.