What's the matter with tongue coating and tongue map?

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Map tongue is a kind of chronic marginal exfoliative glossitis which occurs in the superficial layer of tongue mucosa. Because of its lesions often in different parts of the tongue, and can change the size and shape, with the characteristics of migratory, so it is also known as migratory glossitis. So what's the matter with tongue coating and tongue map?

What's the matter with tongue coating and tongue map?

First, the map tongue is a common tongue disease in childhood, which is often found only when checking the throat or teeth. Suggestions: it is recommended to keep the baby's oral health, gargle after meals, and gargle with light salt water before going to bed at night; Children with poor spleen and stomach function should pay attention to diet taboo, do not eat spicy stimulating, indigestible food; Eat less snacks, do not eat puffed food, do not eat cold frozen food; Appropriately increase the variety and quantity of fruits, eat more vegetables, especially dark green, red and other dark vegetables.

Second, some people think that it is related to intestinal parasites or gastrointestinal dysfunction; Some people think that it is related to the development of children's nervous system and emotional fluctuation; There are also some parents of the children have also suffered from map tongue, so there is a certain genetic tendency.

Third: "the tongue of the map", also known as "the flower peels the moss", is more vividly called "the flower tongue" by the folk. A survey was conducted, with a incidence rate of about 4% in normal children. Traditional Chinese medicine has always attached great importance to the changes of tongue body and tongue coating. It has always been said that "tongue is the seedling of heart" and "tongue is the external syndrome of spleen and stomach", because tongue is closely related to human constitution and internal organs.

matters needing attention

Map tongue should eat more food with nourishing yin and promoting body fluid, such as millet, wheat flour and various cereals, beans and bean products; Dietotherapy method: Chenshi (7:00-9:00 a.m.) with Songrong Tangyuan 6 × 2-4 tablets. Tu Tu tongue dietotherapy prescription (the following information is for reference only, and you need to consult a doctor for details) has white complexion, irritable temper, sweating, dry stool, mostly Qi and Yin injuries. You can use lily, lotus seed, Lycium barbarum and raw Astragalus to drink in proper amount, which will improve Tu Tu tongue.