See prostate hyperplasia where good

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I suffer from BPH with occupation, mainly sitting in front of the computer all the year round, great pressure eventually formed BPH, but now the recovery is very good. Let's see where benign prostatic hyperplasia is good.

See prostate hyperplasia where good

First of all, the harm of BPH lies in the pathophysiological changes after lower urinary tract obstruction. There are great individual differences in pathology, and not all of them are progressive. Some lesions to a certain extent that no longer develop, so even if mild obstruction symptoms are not all need surgery.

Secondly, mild symptoms, IPSS score below 7 can be observed, without treatment. Before drug treatment, the patient's condition should be comprehensively estimated, and the side effects and the possibility of long-term drug use should also be fully considered. Observe the effect of drug therapy, long-term follow-up, regular urodynamic examination, so as not to delay the operation time.

Finally: surgery is still an important treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia, if the drug treatment can not achieve good results, it is necessary to consider the use of surgical treatment.

matters needing attention

Patients usually need to pay attention to eat less stimulating food, they can cause congestion of sexual organs, and will make hemorrhoids, constipation symptoms worse, but also oppression of the prostate, so that patients usually urinate difficult.