How does dry eye disease cure quickly?

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The current dry eye disease, keratoconjunctival xerosis, is a syndrome of dry eye caused by insufficient or poor quality tears. We slowly found that such symptoms are caused by a number of different, severe dry eye can lead to corneal epithelial damage. Insufficient number of tears: in normal people, the speed of tear secretion in each eye is: 1 μ L / min. Insufficient secretion or excessive evaporation will cause insufficient tears. How to treat the symptoms of dry eye.

How does dry eye disease cure quickly?

First: correct sitting posture and active living condition is one of the treatment methods to eliminate dry eye. No one can stand the long-term operation of the computer, so white-collar workers need to make more use of the break time, look at the distance or do eye exercises.

Second: adjust the distance and brightness between the monitor and the eyes to ensure that the computer projection light will not cause great stimulation to the eyes. This is to achieve a balance between the computer chair and the computer desk. When the eye is looking at the computer screen, it is best to slant 30 degrees below the horizontal line.

Third: less eye drops, eye drops not only can not be used as a treatment to eliminate dry eye, but also will aggravate the degree of dryness of the eyes.  

matters needing attention

Both pilots and it elites should pay attention to diet after work. They should eat more lutein foods such as eggs, pumpkins, mangoes, carrots and green vegetables, which is also a good treatment for dry eye. More lutein can also ensure normal fundus blood circulation, lock the tear film water, avoid aggravating dry eye symptoms. In addition, xanthophyll can also be used to regulate the water balance in the eyes and ensure adequate water supply. Once dry eye occurs, the cornea will produce a large amount of reactive oxygen species, which will react with other parts of the eye to produce lipid peroxidation and further damage the internal structure of the eye. Using xanthophyll as an adjuvant treatment can remove excess free radicals, Let the eyes return to water, is a good treatment to eliminate dry eye, improve the internal nutritional structure of the eyes.