How does foreskin phimosis do

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Foreskin phimosis technology is one of the more common technology, and relatively speaking, the technology is also very mature, generally speaking, there is a great guarantee for the safety of surgery, but in the postoperative, we must pay attention to some necessary nursing matters, today let me talk about how to do the bag skin phimosis.

How does foreskin phimosis do

First: after the operation, the sensitivity of glans natural exposure is still relatively low, often with the outside underwear friction, contact can alleviate the passage of time, so it becomes less sensitive and insensitive, and then to control ejaculation is good.

Second: because of the long prepuce, the glans has been wrapped in the warm prepuce, resulting in more sensitivity. Now, the glans is naturally exposed after surgery, and the sensitivity is still relatively low. Often rubbing and contacting with the underwear outside can relieve the pain. As time goes on, it will become less sensitive and insensitive.

Third: phimosis refers to the narrow prepuce mouth, can not turn up to expose the glans penis. * if the phimosis is serious, it can cause dysuria or even urinary retention. When prepuce dirt accumulates, can have glans prickle feeling. Long term chronic stimulation can induce infection and canceration, leukoplakia and calculus.

matters needing attention

About this, I want to remind you: the prepuce is too long, that is, the prepuce covers the glans, which is not easy to turn over and clean. It is often seen in the prepuce ring, whose diameter is smaller than the glans, so it is impossible to fade the prepuce to the part below the glans. If you use too much force, the prepuce ring may get stuck in the body of the penis and compress the venous blood flow, causing swelling and pain in the front of the penis, which is called "the penis" "Incarcerated prepuce" requires surgery to cut the prepuce ring. Teenagers with this kind of incarcerated prepuce had better undergo prepuce surgery. Since it is difficult to clean, the accumulated prepuce dirt and various viruses will cause symptoms and damage to local organs.