Can polycystic ovary enlarge

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After I got married, I didn't give birth to any children, and my menstruation was not very regular. Later, I went to the hospital for an examination under the urging of my mother-in-law. After the examination, the doctor told me that I suffered from polycystic ovary syndrome, and the doctor said that my condition was serious, and I needed to be treated by surgery. Now my condition has been controlled to a certain extent through the treatment. Let's talk about it Let me tell you whether polycystic ovary will be enlarged.

Can polycystic ovary enlarge

First of all: Western medicine to promote row is just to meet the sisters urgent idea of pregnancy Oh. It's not really a cure. So if you just want to treat, or do not choose ovulation induction. If you just want to get pregnant, then you can try to promote discharge, after all, Chinese medicine is too slow.

Second: exercise more and run more. Through the way of exercise to regulate their own physique, enhance immunity, increase the confidence and will to fight disease, running half an hour a day, is very effective to fight disease.

Finally: eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and drink less carbonated drinks. Eat more soybeans, oats, coarse grains and other food, reduce fat intake, eat more carrots, green vegetables, white radish, celery and other foods containing a variety of vitamins and minerals, enhance their own physique, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing androgen secretion.

matters needing attention

Patients should eat more food that can promote intestinal peristalsis and metabolism, such as lettuce, as well as vegetables, meat and iron and blood food. Should not eat cold or dry food and so on.