More professional impotence hospital

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Impotence is penile atrophy, can't erect disease. The ancients said that this disease is closely related to liver, kidney and Yangming. Because Jueyin liver wood belongs to, it is also gathered by zongjin; Yangming governs to moisten zongjin, Yangming Qi deficiency governs zongjin, kidney governs to store essence, and kidney deficiency governs Yang affairs. Let's study impotence in our hospital today.

More professional impotence hospital

Method 1: special detection, clear etiology, for the complex etiology of impotence, the use of high-tech cutting-edge instruments, special detection of various items related to sexual dysfunction, accurate identification of the cause of sexual dysfunction, so that we can take reliable treatment for the disease, rather than public treatment.

Method 2: according to the etiology, psychotherapy can understand the process of patients, find out the causes, and actively carry out psychological guidance to help patients eliminate ideological barriers, so as to slowly restore the self-confidence of making love.

Method 3: electronic Tongluo, acupoint treatment, the use of sophisticated sexual dysfunction diagnosis and treatment instrument, through the special equipment applied to the human body Y.J. and related acupoints, regulate the function of cerebral cortex, stimulate spinal cord central activity, expand Y.J. arteriovenous vessels, activate cavernous body power, increase the volume of Y.J. cavernous body and other holistic treatment.

matters needing attention

Prevention of impotence does not need taboo, avoid everywhere fortification, increase the psychological burden, but also to avoid lack of nutrition, physical weakness.