How to operate induced abortion

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Although my girlfriend was very reluctant, I finally accepted the abortion operation. I feel very guilty psychologically. In order to make up for my girlfriend, all the requirements after the operation will be met, and the physical abnormalities will be solved by all means. Let's see how abortion works

How to operate induced abortion

First, under normal circumstances, abortion is best to take a bath after a week, but remember not to take a bath. Because after abortion, the mucous membrane of uterus and vagina is damaged, and the ability of defense against external bacteria is greatly reduced.

Second, it's better to have a rest for two weeks after abortion, prevent pregnancy and catch a cold; no bath, avoid sexual life within one month, prevent genital infection, and go to the hospital for reexamination half a month or one month after abortion.

Third, the bath should pay attention to the lower body can not be water, abortion due to new uterine trauma and vaginal bleeding prone to retrograde infection, so not before the net ban bath, a month to ban sex.

matters needing attention

Therefore, in the diet after abortion, we need to pay attention to nutrition, to ensure protein intake, such as eggs, milk, fish, poultry, meat and so on. Eat more vegetables and fruits, but eat less raw, cold, hard food, so as not to stimulate the intestinal tract and cause indigestion.