How much does prostatitis cost

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The whole four years of the road to seek medical treatment -- pain, heartache, helplessness, once countless times a person secretly cry, spend countless money not to say, the kind of want to die can't, want to live and suffering torture Death, normal people can't imagine, did not experience prostatitis personnel simply can't understand the heartache! My family will be hospitalized, and now the condition is temporarily stable. Today let me learn how much the cost of prostatitis is.

How much does prostatitis cost

Cost 1: if patients with prostatitis in the beginning of the disease timely participate in the treatment, then the disease is lighter, the treatment is relatively simple, the corresponding cost of prostatitis surgery is naturally lower. Otherwise, the more serious the disease is, the higher the cost will be.

Cost 2: prostatitis is divided into acute bacterial prostatitis, chronic bacterial prostatitis, chronic non bacterial prostatitis and asymptomatic chronic prostatitis. Different types of prostatitis patients need to choose different treatments, so the cost is not the same.

Cost 3: there are many ways to treat prostatitis. Clinical treatment can be divided into traditional treatment and characteristic technology treatment. Traditional treatment of surgical patients need to bear certain pain, and minimally invasive surgery has the advantages of less pain, short time and quick recovery. It is conceivable that the cost of characteristic technology is higher than that of traditional therapy.

matters needing attention

Avoid sedentary, stay up late, not sedentary, like playing cards or mahjong patients should pay special attention to. Sitting for a long time, perineum and pelvic congestion, leading to prostatitis recurrence. In addition, do not stay up late, staying up late will reduce resistance and lead to recurrence of inflammation.