What symptom does inflammation of Department of gynaecology have

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Gynecological inflammation is common in women, mostly refers to the inflammation of the female reproductive organs, the types are very rich, common vaginitis, vulvitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, etc. Many women will suffer from gynecological inflammation, and often appear some uncomfortable symptoms before they go to the hospital for diagnosis and take relevant treatment measures. The symptoms of gynecological inflammation are various, and the symptoms of different kinds of gynecological inflammation are also different. Here are some symptoms of gynecological inflammation in detail.

What symptom does inflammation of Department of gynaecology have

Got gynecological inflammation, women will often appear some abnormal symptoms of leucorrhea, many women will also appear vulva itching, urgency, pain and other discomfort symptoms; Cervical erosion is also a common gynecological inflammatory symptom, which is mainly common in chronic cervicitis without effective treatment for a long time.

The main symptoms of vulvitis are pruritus, swelling, pain, and even local skin erosion or ulcer. The main symptom of pelvic inflammatory disease is lower abdominal pain, and many patients are often accompanied by fever and chills, dizziness and other symptoms

Cervicitis is also a common gynecological inflammation, there are acute and chronic points. Suffering from cervicitis, often appear frequent urination, urgency and other symptoms of urinary tract stimulation, in addition, patients often have lumbosacral pain, purulent leucorrhea and other symptoms; When these abnormal symptoms appear, we should go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment in time.

matters needing attention

If women want to stay away from gynecological inflammation, they must have good health habits, put an end to unhealthy sex life, and prohibit the abuse of antibiotics; Usually also want to avoid excessive cleaning, so as not to damage the vaginal weak acid environment.