Is male genital herpes AIDS

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If one of the husband and wife suffers from genital herpes, the other will have a great chance, so we must treat in time in life. Today, let me learn from you that male genital herpes is AIDS.

Is male genital herpes AIDS

First: the location of the disease: generally appear in men's glans, penis and buttocks, and may appear in other parts of the patient's body.

Second: manifestations of the disease: most patients will have a burning sensation in the affected part, and soon there will be more or less red papules accompanied by pruritus, and then turn into small blisters. After a few days, they will slowly damage and form ulcers with pain, and finally they will scar and heal. It's very similar to inflammation, so it's often overlooked.

Third: other manifestations: many male patients will appear inguinal lymph node enlargement. If the site of the disease also hurt the urethra, the patient will have frequent urination. Urgent urination, dysuria and other phenomena. In addition, there are likely to be body fever, headache and physical fatigue and other symptoms.

matters needing attention

If you have sex in the disease period, it will rub and impact the wart repeatedly, which may cause the wart to tear, even cause bleeding and infection, and aggravate the pain. It's better to be abstinent temporarily to avoid bringing the virus to other parts, so that the focus will expand rapidly and cause other harm. Sexual intercourse should be resumed after recovery