What kind of tonic should I take after abortion

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I'm not married yet. I don't want to have children. I want to go to the hospital for abortion surgery. In order to prevent this situation, I'd like to introduce to you how to mend the body after abortion.

What kind of tonic should I take after abortion

Diet 1: Antai carp porridge: a live carp, weighing about 500g, remove scales and intestines, wash and slice, fry intestines, then take 30g xuanmagen, add water, decoct, remove residue and leave juice, add 50g glutinous rice, onion, ginger, oil and salt. Cook it into porridge. It is suitable for Qi deficiency and kidney deficiency type of fetal restlessness.

Diet 2: donkey hide gelatin egg soup: 1 egg, beat in a bowl and mix well. Boil a bowl of water, add 9 grams of donkey hide gelatin, dissolve, and then slowly pour into the egg soup, seasoning with salt before eating. Take it for 3-5 days. This soup has the effect of Nourishing Yin, nourishing blood and tranquilizing fetus. It is suitable for fetal movement disturbance of blood deficiency type and kidney deficiency type.

Diet 3: black hen soup: black hen 1, to hair and viscera. Dangshen 25g, Baizhu 15g, Huangqi 20g, parasitic 20g, Baishao 35g, jujube 15g, ginger 15g, packed in gauze bag, boiled with chicken, add sake 300ml, boiled until chicken cooked, to medicine meat soup. This decoction is suitable for the patients with fetal restlessness due to deficiency of Qi and blood.

matters needing attention

After the operation, we should pay attention to proper rest, and it is best to stay in bed for the first three days. Because after abortion, the endometrium left a wound, such as premature activity may extend the time of vaginal bleeding, generally half a month should avoid physical labor and physical exercise.