Types and treatment of lung cancer

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He was found to have advanced lung cancer and recuperated at home. He didn't have much appetite to eat every day. The doctor diagnosed him with cerebrovascular disease and facial paralysis. In addition, his teeth are not good, so he can't eat a lot of things. Every day, he always hurt his brain in order to find a way to cook something that he can eat. He went to an expert doctor for treatment, and his condition was controlled. About the types and treatment methods of lung cancer? Do you know? Today, let me learn about the types and treatment of lung cancer.

Types and treatment of lung cancer

First of all: in the late stage of lung cancer, surgery is not suitable for treatment. Chemotherapy is the main treatment for lung cancer, and more than 90% of lung cancer need chemotherapy. The curative effect of chemotherapy on small cell lung cancer (SCLC) is positive in both early and late stage, even about 1% of early SCLC is cured by chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is also the main treatment of non-small cell lung cancer, chemotherapy is divided into therapeutic chemotherapy and adjuvant chemotherapy.

Secondly, radiotherapy is the best for small cell lung cancer, and adenocarcinoma is the worst. At the same time, it should be supplemented by drug treatment. Adenocarcinoma is not sensitive to radiation, and easy to blood metastasis, so it will be less simple radiotherapy. Radiotherapy is only a local treatment, often combined with chemotherapy. The combination of radiotherapy and chemotherapy can take concurrent chemoradiotherapy or alternate chemoradiotherapy depending on the patient's condition.

Finally: surgical treatment is the first choice and the most important treatment for lung cancer, and it is also the only treatment that can cure lung cancer. The purpose of surgical treatment of lung cancer is to completely remove the primary lesion and metastatic lymph nodes of lung cancer. To achieve clinical cure, resection of the vast majority of the tumor, to create favorable conditions for other treatment, that is, tumor reduction surgery, which is only suitable for a small number of patients.

matters needing attention

Warm tips: effective cough training patients to take a comfortable position, first do 5 ~ 6 times of deep breathing, at the end of deep inspiration to keep open mouth, continuous cough several times, so that sputum to the throat near, and then forced cough sputum discharge, avoid only in the throat hair voice and invalid cough.