What reason is axillary pressing ache

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Axillary pain is a very troublesome thing, for patients, it is obviously should be treated as soon as possible, therefore, the following will be related to the cause of axillary pain to share.

What reason is axillary pressing ache

Factor one: neuritis. Many times, neuritis is the main cause of axillary pain in patients, and after a lot of research found that most patients with neuritis have a history of immunization and cold before they get sick. Under normal circumstances, most of the people who are prone to neuritis are young people. The initial stage pain of the disease is mostly located in one side of the neck root, supraclavicular fossa or shoulder. The main manifestations of pain are burning and needling, and this kind of pain has intermittent characteristics.

Factor 2: hyperplasia of mammary gland. This situation is generally common with female patients, compared with men, women have a much higher risk of breast hyperplasia. If it is breast hyperplasia caused by axillary pain, its characteristics are distending pain and tingling, and even may involve one side or both sides of the breast. If the disease is more serious, the affected area can not be easily touched, but also may affect the normal life and work. The pain was mainly at the breast mass, and also radiated to the affected axillary, chest or shoulder.

Factor three: cold. If the human body is cold for a long time, there will also be axillary pain. Clinically, axillary pain is mostly caused by the cold of the human body. In addition, it may also be associated with excessive strain. The so-called "pain is not unblocked, but no pain". Therefore, qi stagnation and blood stasis is another main cause of axillary pain. For this part of the population, in daily life, we must do a good job in basic warm measures.

matters needing attention

After finding out the causes of subaxillary pain, patients should also pay attention to more rest at ordinary times to avoid overwork.