How long can intrauterine adhesions be cured after operation

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Intrauterine adhesions can lead to the occurrence of infertility, need to take surgery for treatment, after postoperative care before test tube baby. Let's take a look at how long can intrauterine adhesions be cured after surgery.

How long can intrauterine adhesions be cured after operation

First: the test tube can be implemented in a month. There are many factors affecting the success rate of IVF, such as female age, the cause of infertility, the quality of IVF central laboratory and so on.

Second: endometrial polyps, endometritis, previous surgery or inflammation (tuberculosis is the most common) leading to endometrial damage can affect embryo implantation.

Finally: age is an important factor affecting the success rate of IVF. With the increase of age, the number and quality of eggs decrease, the fertilization rate decreases, the pregnancy rate decreases significantly, and the abortion rate increases. The pregnancy rate of IVF was 12% in women aged 41-42 years old. The live birth rate per transferred embryo was only 5.9% in women over 42 years old. The abortion rate was 50% in women over 43 years old. Therefore, to compare their own situation, to ensure that the highest success rate when the implementation of surgery.

matters needing attention

After IVF transplantation, the baby should lie still for 48 hours, and turn over and get up as little as possible. If you turn over and lie on your side, the angle must be less than 45 degrees. No bathing within 48 hours after operation. In the process of pregnancy, it is best to take a shower instead of a bath.