What are the common diseases of liver pain?

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Liver pain is a spontaneous pain in the right intercostal region. In patients with acute hepatitis, due to liver congestion, swelling, exudation and necrosis of liver cells, the capsule of liver tableware is extremely stretched. After the tight capsule stimulates the nerves, it produces swelling pain, dull pain or acupuncture like pain. Patients often complain of touch pressure or percussion pain during physical examination. Let's talk about the common diseases of liver pain.

What are the common diseases of liver pain?

First, hepatitis liver pain is a mild persistent pain. As mentioned above, liver tissue will be congested and edematous due to inflammation during hepatitis, which is not easy to dissipate in a short time. This also determines that the nature of pain is persistent, that is, pain will occur 24 hours a day, and pain will not spread to other parts like cholecystitis pain.

Second: liver tumor should pay attention to the pain of liver tumor. Although it is a bit similar to the liver pain of hepatitis, due to the rapid proliferation of cancer cells and the rapid expansion of the liver, the pain is much more severe than that of hepatitis, and some even reach an intolerable level, so strong painkillers are often needed.

Third: liver adjacent organ disease, liver area involves some adjacent organs, some pain need to be differentiated. For example, the gallbladder, the bile duct, the intestine of the right upper abdomen, and the lower end of the stomach are all neighbors of the liver. They usually perform their own duties and do not interfere with each other. But sometimes these neighbors will suffer from disasters and get sick, causing pain. Some of them are easily confused with liver pain, which leads to misunderstanding that there is something wrong with the liver.

matters needing attention

Most patients with hepatitis will have liver pain, but liver pain is not a specific symptom of hepatitis. Other hepatobiliary diseases and liver adjacent tissue and organ diseases can also occur right upper abdominal pain or liver pain. There are many reasons can cause liver pain or right quarter rib pain and other symptoms similar to hepatitis liver pain. Don't think liver pain is liver disease.