What are the more effective methods of lumbar disease?

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Nowadays, lumbar disease is very common in life, many people are suffering from this disease, so its treatment is very important. The harm of lumbar disease is relatively large, it will not only bring physical pain, but also lead to the patient's activity disorder, and even can't walk, so we must treat lumbar disease as soon as possible.

What are the more effective methods of lumbar disease?

First: drug treatment: drugs belong to conservative treatment, this method is mainly used for anti-inflammatory, analgesic, so as to improve the quality of life of patients, but the effect of drugs is limited, it is easier to make the disease relapse, and the drugs also stimulate our intestines and stomach, so it is not suitable for long-term use.

Second: traction treatment: traction is also a common treatment, traction can relieve muscle spasm, promote blood circulation and other effects, traction is only applicable to early patients, but in the acute phase to prohibit traction, so aggravating edema, elderly patients should also be careful with traction.

Third: surgical treatment: surgery is also a common method of treatment, this method is only applicable to particularly serious patients, or patients with invalid conservative treatment. The operation needs to bear great risk, and the postoperative complications are also many, the cost is also expensive.

matters needing attention

Minimally invasive surgery is a very advanced treatment method. This method uses imaging positioning technology under local anesthesia, and then the treatment is accurate to the lesion site, so as to quickly relieve the pain caused by tissue compression. Minimally invasive surgery has many advantages, such as less trauma, less bleeding, less pain, less postoperative complications and faster recovery. At present, the treatment methods of lumbar diseases include radiofrequency thermocoagulation target ablation, laser needle knife release, PLDD percutaneous laser decompression, ozone nucleus pulposus ablation and so on.