Is it possible to cure epilepsy

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In our life, many diseases are very troublesome, especially after the whole body epilepsy, a lot of patients with epilepsy attack, is very terrible, really will let us special sympathy, now the disease has a certain control, for sheep epilepsy has the possibility of cure? This problem, let me introduce to you.

Is it possible to cure epilepsy

First: epilepsy can generally be treated with drugs, commonly used are: phenytoin sodium, carbamazepine, clonazepam, also can choose traditional Chinese medicine tianshhedan treatment. Generally do not change or intermittent, epilepsy completely controlled 2-3 years later, and EEG normal, can gradually reduce drug withdrawal.

Second: the general choice of drug treatment. According to the type of epileptic seizure, the drug dosage should be increased from the low limit of common dosage to ideal seizure control without serious side effects. The frequency of administration should be determined according to the drug characteristics and seizure characteristics. Can actively treat and conditioning, pay attention to the usual maintenance.

Third: at present, instrument therapy is the best way to treat epilepsy. Starting from the root cause of epilepsy, we can repair damaged neurons, balance abnormal discharge, and completely eliminate epilepsy. No surgery, no anesthesia, no trauma, is in the patient's fully awake state of treatment.

matters needing attention

Sheep madness is different from other diseases, which has a greater impact on the psychological status of patients. Sometimes the society has a bias against patients with sheep madness, so we should choose a regular hospital for the treatment of sheep madness. We should actively cooperate with the doctor, adhere to the regular treatment, take medicine for a long time according to the doctor's advice, and regularly monitor the blood drug concentration.