Is injection rhytidectomy useful

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Often go to the beauty salon recently strongly recommend my mother to do a wrinkle, is to use the injection method, but I do not know whether the injection wrinkle is really useful, can really play a wrinkle effect? For this also consulted for a long time, below for everybody popular science injection wrinkle useful.

Is injection rhytidectomy useful

First: injection rhytidectomy is to achieve the effect of rhytidectomy by injecting filling and repairing wrinkles on the face. Now there are many kinds of materials for injection rhytidectomy. At present, the commonly used materials for injection rhytidectomy are iverland, hyaluronic acid, collagen, autologous fat, Botox, etc., all of which have an immediate effect. This is also the reason why many people choose injection rhytidectomy recently.

Second: injection rhytidectomy, known as wrinkle injections abroad, also known as biological wrinkles and non-invasive non-surgical rhytidectomy, is a common method of micro plastic rhytidectomy. Injection rhytidectomy mainstream materials are hyaluronic acid, love Bev, iverland and collagen, hyaluronic acid and so on.

Third: inject anesthetics below the injection site in the note. Fill the left and right face with the same injection (hyaluronic acid, botulinum toxin, etc.). The doctor will gently massage while injecting to make the distribution of the filling injection more even. The wound will not be red and swollen, and the needle will recover in a week.

matters needing attention

Everyone has a love for beauty. Years will leave wrinkles on everyone's face. As a witness of everyone's ups and downs, it's not easy for anyone to live a hard life. It's understandable to use various methods to remove wrinkles, and injection is one of them.