The cause of median nerve injury?

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There was a colleague in the office. When he was working on the site some time ago, his left wrist was crushed because he didn't follow the safety regulations. When he went to the hospital for examination, the doctor said it was the median nerve injury. He had an operation a week after the injury. But when he was doing the operation, the time was a little long, so the doctor said it was almost half a year after the operation, If you pat the scar with your right hand, you still feel numbness in the wrist and palm. If you don't pat it, you're just like a good hand. You don't dare to work too hard. Now it's time to feel that the arm has no strength and the injured area feels sore

The cause of median nerve injury?

First, the main causes of middle nerve injury are firearm injury (rare in daily life), glass cut injury, knife injury and work machine crush injury. Among these injuries, the branch of median nerve, finger nerve injury of hand, is the most common, because in daily life and work, hand operation is the most frequent and vulnerable.

Second: the current medical treatment for median nerve injury is mainly through surgery, but surgery can only create favorable conditions for nerve recovery, but it can make nerve recovery. In order to compress the injured paralytic nerve to return to normal, in addition to self repair, we also need to rely on drug treatment, in order to recover to the best state.

Third: when the median nerve is injured, the main symptoms include loss of sensation of the injured part, limited thumb to palm and finger function, forming "ape shaped hand" deformity, unable to abduct the thumb, unable to bend the thumb and index finger, limited bending, limited arm forward rotation or even unable to move.

matters needing attention

When injured, they should be sent to the hospital for treatment immediately. In the process of recovery, they should pay attention to the matching of their own nutrition. In the process of recovery, they should not use the injured hand to do strenuous exercise or stress to prevent secondary injury.