Why is tubal ligation postoperative still pregnant?

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In my early years, because of my poor health, after giving birth to the baby, I had an examination and operation. My husband and I wholeheartedly wanted to give birth to the baby. At that time, the doctor told us that because I had a very serious heart disease, if I got pregnant again in the future, I would have a great chance of dystocia. At that time, I chose to have a ligation operation to avoid risks. But I don't know why, after the ligation operation, I found that I was accidentally pregnant. At that time, I was very shocked.

Why is tubal ligation postoperative still pregnant?

In fact, in life, women after ligation surgery, there are also cases of pregnancy, any surgery can not guarantee 100% success rate, ligation surgery is of course the same. There are some women who have had surgery, but because of the doctor's mistakes, it is likely to cause the surgery failure. Female ligation is to tie the fallopian tube to death from the middle, not to let the eggs pass, so as to achieve the effect of forced pregnancy. If the ligation is not tight, or the ligation is not successful, pregnancy will still occur.

There are also some women, because the ligation time is too long, the ligation ring may be loose and fall off, especially like before, when women finished ligation, they basically had to replace the ligation ring every five years. So over time, it is likely that the effect of scab is not as ideal as it was.

There is no absolute thing in this world. Compared with male ligation, female ligation is more thorough. However, for the sake of insurance, it is suggested that women can go to the hospital every year for a B-ultrasound examination, so as to judge whether their examination is good or not, so as to avoid accidental pregnancy.

matters needing attention

Now there are many women in order to not want to be pregnant, and will let themselves do ligation operation, this type of operation is basically finished, there is no room for regret. But if because after ligation, and the emergence of unexpected pregnancy, the body does not allow the case, or can consider abortion.