How long does esophagus cancer come on

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The possibility of basic cure of advanced esophageal cancer is very small. In the face of such diseases, only professional examination will have the hope of treatment. For patients with this disease should be treated as soon as possible, I will share with you about the duration of esophageal cancer.

How long does esophagus cancer come on

First of all: the first way of metastasis is the direct diffusion of the inner wall of the esophageal tube, which is a method of metastasis. It is mainly the change of the inner wall of the esophageal tube when cells pass through. This diffusion method mainly uses the method of intervention, according to the esophageal mucosa for metastasis, because there are a lot of lymphatic vessels in the esophageal mucosa, which become its metastasis channel.

Secondly: the second is blood metastasis, of course, in general, the blood metastasis of esophageal cancer is very few, common metastasis mainly occurs in the stomach, liver, and lungs, most of them occur in cadres and their lungs, so in peacetime, we must pay great attention, if we find physical discomfort, we must go to the hospital in time, do a careful examination.

Finally: the third type is lymph node metastasis, mainly through the lymphatic vessels of the esophagus. This pipeline provides a fast passage like the highway, so it accounts for 2 / 3 of other cases of metastasis, just like the usual driving. If there is a highway, can we still go? So in the ordinary words, we must do a good job in the prevention of esophageal cancer metastasis.

matters needing attention

In order to enhance the constitution of patients with esophageal cancer, patients with esophageal cancer pay special attention to their diet. There are many things that can't be touched when eating. The "five Taboos" of esophageal cancer diet are: avoid eating sweet, greasy, spicy, fried and baked food; avoid alcohol; avoid eating strong smelling food, such as stinky tofu, milk cool, etc.; avoid some food rich in 5-hta, such as banana, walnut, eggplant, etc; Avoid lying down immediately after meals to avoid food reflux and nausea.