What does the symptom of hysteria have

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Now there is a lot of pressure in the society. We all have some mental sub-health problems. So I often go out to play this year, and sometimes I know more people. Talk to them often. One of my friends said that he had a younger sister who suffered from a disease called hysteria. He had not been treated well all the time, which made the whole family very tired, so he often talked to me. Later I enlightened him, later he took good care of his sister, now the situation has improved. Today, I'd like to introduce you something about hysteria.

What does the symptom of hysteria have

First: about this hysteria, is one of the psychosis neurosis, more prone to occur in the age group of 16 to 30 years old women. But it's not that other age groups, or men, don't have it. Generally, people who have more spare imagination and high emotion are more likely to suffer from it.

Second: the first embodiment is to recognize the hazy state. This means that the scope of the patient's knowledge of the accident is reduced, and his words can reflect the content of his mental trauma, but he is slow to respond to other things outside, which lasts for tens of minutes, then stops by himself, and he can't recall the course of the disease completely after he recovers.

Third: like some hysteria patients performance, and is the following, these also often performance. That is reflected in a burst of mood. After being stimulated by energy, they suddenly burst out crying, shouting, beating their chests and feet, such as tearing clothes and destroying things, or even hitting a wall. If there are people around, it will be more intense. It can be relieved after several minutes, and then it will be forgotten.

matters needing attention

Hysteria patients must pay attention to have enough sleep time. Remember not to smoke or drink. On weekdays, we should drink more boiled water, eat more light food, eat more fruits and vegetables, and eat more heart and lung moistening substances. Sometimes you can also take some yams, dates, lotus seeds, pears, carrots, sesame and so on.