What does inject second liver vaccine notice?

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The incidence rate of hepatitis B is very high in China, and it is a very infectious disease. At present, the important way to prevent hepatitis B is to inject hepatitis B vaccine. In order to ensure the success rate of hepatitis B vaccination, we must pay attention to the details at home when carrying out hepatitis B vaccine, so what should we pay attention to when injecting hepatitis B vaccine? I'd like to share my views with you.

What does inject second liver vaccine notice?

Note 1 for injection of hepatitis B vaccine: check before injection. Do not vaccinate hepatitis B vaccine during all kinds of acute diseases or acute attack of chronic diseases. Do not inject hepatitis B vaccine if the liver function is abnormal. Find out the cause and treat. Vaccinate after the liver function is normal.

Injection of hepatitis B vaccine note 2: check the effect of vaccine injection, most of the vaccination, do not dare to ensure that all people are successful vaccination. Hepatitis B vaccine is no exception. Often due to improper storage of hepatitis B vaccine, nonstandard vaccination or low personal immune system and other reasons, hepatitis B vaccine may fail to be vaccinated. So hepatitis B vaccine after vaccination, must go to the hospital to check hepatitis B five, test whether the vaccination is successful.

Note 3: regular review of hepatitis B surface antibody titer, vaccination of hepatitis B vaccine, the body will produce protective antibody surface antibody HBsAb. But the titer of HBsAb will disappear year by year in the body, that is, there is a half-life. Studies have shown that when the titer of HBsAb is less than 10 IU, the surface antibody HBsAb is not enough to resist the invasion of hepatitis B virus. Therefore, you must not go to the hospital regularly to check the HBsAb titer after hepatitis B vaccination.

matters needing attention

I believe we all know that hepatitis B is very infectious, so in order to avoid hepatitis B infection, the best way is to inject hepatitis B vaccine. But the injection of hepatitis B vaccine should also pay more attention, if the hepatitis B vaccine inoculation is not correct, it will not play the role of preventing hepatitis B, so the hepatitis B vaccine injection is a very important thing.