How to treat cerebral thrombosis

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Cerebral thrombosis refers to all kinds of emboli in the blood flow into the cerebral artery and block the blood vessels. When the collateral circulation can not be compensated, it causes ischemic necrosis of the brain tissue in the artery feeding area, resulting in focal neurological deficit. Although cerebral thrombosis is less dangerous than cerebral hemorrhage, the mortality of cerebral thrombosis is also relatively high. So we must pay attention to this disease, once there are symptoms of cerebral thrombosis, must be treated as soon as possible. So what are the methods to treat cerebral thrombosis? Let's talk about how to treat it.

How to treat cerebral thrombosis

First: surgical treatment, this effect, even if some surgical cases can improve the short-term survival rate of patients, but the long-term effect is often not ideal, so in addition to several special types of cerebral thrombosis, in order to save the lives of patients in time, most of them do not need surgical treatment.

Second, western medicine has the advantages of fast onset and targeted treatment, but most western medicine has side effects. Patients can use both Chinese and Western medicine reasonably, which can achieve the purpose of increasing efficiency and reducing toxicity, treating both the symptoms and the root causes, and preventing the recurrence of cerebral thrombosis.

Third: Traditional Chinese medicine treatment, the majority of traditional Chinese medicine slow onset, but has a long-term strong target, safe, no drug resistance and other treatment advantages, and can be aimed at the cause of cerebral thrombosis and blood vessels, to achieve the purpose of its treatment.

matters needing attention

Patients with cerebral thrombosis should give up smoking, limit alcohol, exercise more, live regularly, control weight as much as possible, and do more slow exercises, such as Taijiquan. Pay attention to light diet, eat less spicy and greasy food, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.