Which department does diabetic nephropathy check hang

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Diabetes and kidney disease are very common. When my grandfather suffered from diabetic nephropathy, my family was a little out of control and didn't understand the disease at all. Now let's see which department to hang up for diabetic nephropathy examination.

Which department does diabetic nephropathy check hang

First of all: diabetic nephropathy is a common diabetic complication in clinic. When going to the hospital, we should go to the Department of Nephrology for examination, and make a good diagnosis in the regular hospital, which will be more accurate.

Secondly, the qualitative determination of urine glucose is a simple method for screening diabetes, but false negative or false positive may appear in diabetic nephropathy, so the determination of blood glucose is the main basis for diagnosis.

Finally: in the late stage of diabetic nephropathy, endogenous creatinine clearance rate decreased and blood urea nitrogen and creatinine increased. Fundus examination and fluorescein fundus angiography when necessary showed diabetic fundus lesions such as microaneurysms.

matters needing attention

For patients with mild disease, no hypertension, edema is not obvious, no renal function damage, protein is not much, this kind of patients can be more physical exercise. If edema is more obvious, it is best to rest in bed, reduce the amount of activity is very important.