The harm of male accessory milk

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My left armpit feels like a small pimple. It looks like a little bulge. I went to the hospital for examination in May this year. The doctor said that it was the accessory breast, and then immediately treated it. The situation is a little better. Let's talk about the harm of male accessory breast.

The harm of male accessory milk

First, it is a good way to treat the accessory breast. The incision should be beautiful and hidden. For the anterior axillary accessory breast, the oblique fusiform incision of the outer edge of pectoralis major muscle should be selected, so that the patients can't see the operation scar in the vest and the affected upper limb can move.

Second: the accessory breast has no effect on the human body, but it may give you psychological uneasiness and inconvenience in life. About 0.1% of people can have breast cancer. Because the position of the accessory breast is different from that of the normal breast, sometimes it is easy to ignore. Therefore, when the accessory breast is enlarged, life is inconvenient and swollen, and it is suspected that it is a tumor, you should go to see a doctor.

Third: accessory breast can cause pain, distending pain and other discomfort, a small number of people may also change.

matters needing attention

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