How long can melanoma live

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Melanoma, as the name suggests, is a black tumor like substance growing on our body, which is a kind of malignant tumor, so in order to effectively control the disease, we will introduce some methods to extend the life of patients.

How long can melanoma live

First, malignant melanoma is different in size, shape and color (usually pigmentation) and tendency of local invasion and distant metastasis. The tumor spreads rapidly and can die months after diagnosis. Early, very superficial lesions 5 years cure rate can be 100%. So early treatment, the possibility of cure is still great.

Second: many people don't know what causes melanoma. In fact, there are many reasons, such as air pollution, for example, beauty loving women adapt to skin care products containing a lot of chemicals, which may lead to melanoma.

Third: the best way to treat this disease is surgery, but before surgery, we need to do a biopsy to see if there are any other problems. As mentioned above, if it is found in time and treated early, the surgery is very simple.

matters needing attention

Here, I also advise you to be good to your skin. In recent years, most people suffering from melanoma are beautiful women, so here is a warning.