What reason is cold cough caused lumbago

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Cold cough caused by low back pain is actually very common, many people have a cold, will say, even the waist is sore, because if not treated in time, it may also lead to more serious diseases. So what reason is cold cough caused lumbago? Now let's introduce the reasons.

What reason is cold cough caused lumbago

First: with the development of economy and the acceleration of urbanization, the exhaust gas from coal combustion and automobile exhaust lead to the decline of air quality every winter. In this case, our bodies are vulnerable to respiratory tract infections and other diseases, and the patients are prone to cough and other symptoms.

Second: the symptoms of low back pain often occur in the working population and the middle-aged and elderly people, mostly due to the excessive lumbar fatigue caused by sedentary, so we should take appropriate rest, not sit for a long time, exercise more, promote the circulation of blood in the waist, the elderly should pay attention to appropriate exercise, pay attention to supplement calcium.

Third: patients should pay attention to have good living habits, maintain regular work and rest time, respiratory tract more vulnerable can choose to go out and wear masks, feel not adapt to the timely inspection to the hospital, pay attention not to drink, smoke, eat less irritating things, can eat more throat effect of fruits and vegetables, while maintaining good health habits.

matters needing attention

Pay attention to regular work and rest time, eat less spicy and stimulating food, and form a good habit of not smoking and drinking; Don't sit for a long time, get up and exercise at the right time, promote blood circulation at the waist and reduce fatigue at the waist.