Stay up late dizziness how to return a responsibility?

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For today's people, it seems to be a common practice to work at night, and they don't feel it's any harm to live a life of day and night. Of course, staying up late is undoubtedly harmful to their health, especially when they don't sleep well during the day. After a night's work, they feel their heads are empty the next day, so they try not to work at night, What's the matter with staying up late and dizziness? Let's go.

Stay up late dizziness how to return a responsibility?

First: at present, young people in many big cities often stay up late to work or have fun all night because of fierce competition and pressure. They suffer from insomnia and dreaminess, backache, fatigue, memory loss, dry skin, irritability and other symptoms to varying degrees. From the perspective of health, staying up late is just a gamble on health, which is a health risk. Experts remind that if we don't pay attention to adjusting the rhythm of the biological clock and don't learn how to regulate the body, it will lay a "time bomb" for the health of the elderly in the future.

Second: we have to make some preparations before staying up late. The main thing is to eat more hot food, drink more boiled water, and don't eat too full at dinner. There is no matter how busy, stay up late in the process of the best rest about half an hour, you can drink a cup of coffee or jinfumei loquat tea refreshing. And take a deep breath at any time to increase the brain's nutrient requirement.

Third: young people should take timely remedial measures after staying up late. First, they should wash their face alternately with cold and hot water after getting up to stimulate the blood circulation of the face and supplement the loss of skin moisture; Second, to supplement sleep; Third, strengthen the diet brain, should eat more beans, fish, milk, all kinds of animal brain and fresh vegetables, walnuts, jujube and so on.

matters needing attention

Staying up late often can cause skin damage, memory loss and resistance decline. Many people don't feel anything when they are young, but it undoubtedly leaves an irregular bomb to their body. So it's better not to stay up late if they can't stay up late. Even if they stay up late, they should have more rest during the day.