What reason does breast become bigger and softer?

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Breast is not only the pride of women, but also the important body tissue for us to nurture the next generation. Many women will pay attention to the changes of their breasts in life, and usually carry out some self-examination on their breasts, which is also responsible for themselves. Some women may find their breasts bigger and softer, so what's the reason for them? Let's talk about it.

What reason does breast become bigger and softer?

If the breast becomes bigger and softer in young people, it is normal to consider the hyperplasia of breast tissue caused by increased hormone level. If there is no swelling pain and no obvious mass, it is considered as a normal phenomenon. Also may be pregnant, had better go to the hospital to do a detailed examination, can check blood HCG examination, can also buy test paper at home from their own examination.

There are a lot of sebaceous glands and sweat glands on the breast. When you scrub the chest with bath products with strong cleaning power, the chemical action will destroy the keratinocytes on the surface of the skin, and also wash away the grease that protects the breast skin. It is suggested to use soft and non irritating facial cleanser to scrub the chest. After washing, it must be washed with clean water, so as to avoid the deposition of residual substances in sensitive breast cells, causing breast blockage.

The open structure of the breast determines that it is more vulnerable to external influence than other parts of the skin, absorbing foreign substances, so special exfoliation steps are needed to ensure thorough cleaning. Often give chest massage can not only promote blood, lymph circulation, but also stimulate breast development, rely on "self touch" can easily have proud Mimi. Try to drop a few drops of breast oil on your hands or breasts, so the effect will be more obvious.

matters needing attention

The phenomenon of breast becoming bigger and softer may be caused by the increase of estrogen secretion in the body after pregnancy, or it may be caused by diseases. We should go to the hospital in time to check and find out the reasons. The above is about "what's the reason for breast enlargement and softening?" Female friends in pregnancy to do a good job of disease care.