How can a woman miscarry

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The baby is very important for a family, but sometimes the baby comes when we are not prepared. We can only choose to discard it and share with you how women can miscarry

How can a woman miscarry

First of all, there are restrictions on abortion, whether it is too early or too late is not very good, but generally in the abortion is confirmed to be pregnant after about a month, abortion must be diagnosed by the doctor before the diagnosis of intrauterine pregnancy, and determine the number of days of pregnancy and the size of the gestational sac are suitable for painless abortion.

Secondly, generally more than 35 days of pregnancy, intrauterine gestational sac is clearly visible under B ultrasound, at this time, the gestational sac is not large, and the uterine wall is thick, so it is easy to take out the gestational sac. Doctors can suck out the gestational sac through hysteroscopic visual technology. Relatively speaking, it has less harm to the body, low risk of operation and fast recovery. Due to the low difficulty of operation, the operation cost will be reduced correspondingly.

Finally, if beyond this time, the operation will be more troublesome, the body's recovery time will become slower, for women's physical injury will be greater, therefore, choose to do abortion female friends must grasp the best time to do abortion, will not cause adverse effects on the body!

matters needing attention

In the abortion operation, we should pay attention to the body conditioning, not only pay attention to rest, but also pay attention to nutrition supplement, especially in the near future do not have sex, to prevent infection.