Causes and symptoms of glaucoma

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Glaucoma is previously said to be caused by high intraocular pressure, normal eyeball is a certain pressure, if the intraocular pressure is too large, it will cause a series of eye function damage, such as optic nerve damage, known as glaucoma, but now medicine developed, high intraocular pressure will not necessarily develop into glaucoma, and some people with normal intraocular pressure have glaucoma. What are the causes and symptoms of glaucoma. Now let me introduce it to you

Causes and symptoms of glaucoma

According to the cause of glaucoma, it can be divided into primary glaucoma and secondary glaucoma. Patients with primary glaucoma usually have small eyeballs, short eye axis, hyperopia, etc. if they stay in dark places for a long time, read books for a long time, and have emotional fluctuations, glaucoma can be induced. Serious can lead to acute attack, if not treated in time, will be blind.

And secondary glaucoma, generally because of trauma, inflammation, bleeding, etc., destroyed the structure of the angle of the eye, so that the water in the eyes can not be discharged, resulting in increased intraocular pressure. In short, glaucoma is caused by high intraocular pressure caused by abnormal discharge of intraocular water.

Glaucoma is more common in women than in men. The age of onset is 50-70 years old. The symptoms are swelling and pain in the eyeball, rapid decline in vision, and then headache, some even nausea, vomiting, high body temperature and rapid heartbeat. Conjunctival congestion and high intraocular pressure make the eyeball hard. There are also some patients with high intraocular pressure, but no other symptoms. The consequence of this kind of circumstance is more serious, when waiting to discover, can already insomnia.

matters needing attention

Glaucoma early symptoms are not obvious, acute attack when the disease quickly, so when you suspect or feel uncomfortable eyes, you have to go to the hospital to do eye examination. The above content is for your reference only.