Depressive symptoms?

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When I was in high school, I met a classmate who suffered from depression. At ordinary times, as long as he has a little bit of small things, his reaction is very big, and he can't learn, and he has a big contradiction with his classmates. Later, I couldn't get along well with my classmates, that is, I took a leave of school and went home for treatment. Now in some stress situations, it's easy for everyone to get some mental illness, such as depression. In order to make you better understand depression, we will summarize some knowledge from the Internet and share it with you, hoping to help you.

Depressive symptoms?

Generally speaking, depressive symptoms are most obvious in the morning. People who get sick often feel that they have little strength to get out of bed. As the day goes on, their mood will gradually improve. Some people have the best mood at night, almost the same as normal people. They also lose interest in some activities and can't lift their spirits.

There is also depression, their thinking is relatively slow, take the initiative to speak less, also slow down the speed of speech, his head is like a rusty machine, unable to open. Slow behavior, passive life, unwilling to contact with people, often sitting on the side.

Generally speaking, people who suffer from depression are relatively depressed, and they are not interested in the things around them. They are depressed all day. They feel that everything is inferior to others. They often feel useless and hopeless. Therefore, they often feel that they have no value and will be on the edge.

matters needing attention

For patients with depression, their appetite is often not good, in fact, usually love to eat delicious people, also can not hook up his appetite. In English, patients often become thin and have various problems in sleep. It is difficult to fall asleep at night and wake up early in the morning. Even if they fall asleep, the quality of sleep is poor.