What stage of blackened blood esophageal cancer

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My good friend is very worried these two days. He always forgets what his boss told him. His angry boss is going to fire him. Yesterday, I saw him lying on the table, trying to scare him. Unexpectedly, when I came to him, I saw that he was spitting black blood. Only then did I know that he had esophageal cancer and heard that he had black blood. Next, I'll talk about the stage of blackened esophageal cancer.

What stage of blackened blood esophageal cancer

First: in the middle and advanced stage, the treatment methods should be different from those in the early stage. How large is the spread range of the middle and advanced stage cancer? If necessary, emergency measures should be taken to ensure that the cancer cells do not continue to spread. If the inhibition is not taken immediately, it will be life-threatening in serious cases. In addition, patients in the middle and advanced stage should pay more attention to their daily life. They should not be the same as their previous life, but should improve and pay more attention Pay attention to your health. Communicate with the doctor in time, listen to the doctor's advice and carry out treatment.

Second: the first thing now is to stop bleeding. After the blood stops, it is suggested to use traditional Chinese medicine for treatment. According to the specific symptoms, pathological types and location of the disease, the treatment plan should be formulated to achieve individualized treatment, and the application of traditional Chinese medicine for treatment is safe and non-toxic to the human body. It can adjust the body state of the patient as a whole, and at the same time, it should be used for cancer cells of different types and parts Traditional Chinese medicine targeted therapy, is the effective components of traditional Chinese medicine anti-tumor reach the tumor site, make tumor cells necrosis, and achieve good results.

Third, the middle and late stage. The best treatment is traditional Chinese medicine. I'm a medical worker. I'm not against western medicine. It's just that there's really no better way for western medicine. I can only do surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and then cut it again until the end of my life. The patient has been in pain. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine believes that cancer is caused by deficiency of healthy qi, qi stagnation, phlegm coagulation and blood stasis for a long time. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the treatment of cancer should be based on the principle of "softness, firmness and dispersibility". Through Qi ao brand Taxus Chinese herbal medicine to break up the induration, it can prolong life, relieve pain, prevent recurrence and metastasis, and finally achieve "long-term survival with tumor".

matters needing attention

So esophageal cancer black blood has been in the advanced stage. However, we can not give up treatment, nor abandon ourselves. Chinese medicine treatment is a good choice, and the probability of recurrence is relatively small. At the same time, we should pay more attention to daily life, communicate with doctors in time, and actively cooperate with the treatment.