How to deal with blisters during cupping?

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If some people have a disease in a certain area and need to be examined and treated, they can use dietotherapy for health care, or they can choose to use cupping method for adjustment. The effect is better. Cupping may also cause blisters on the surface of the skin, which are caused by many factors, It may also be caused by the excessive cold of the body. There are too many toxins in the body, and there may be blisters in the process of cupping, so it should be dealt with in time.

How to deal with blisters during cupping?

1. In the process of cupping, many people may lead to different degrees of skin surface blisters, which is also a common phenomenon, so we should choose an appropriate treatment method, which can make the patient recover as soon as possible, and we can choose to use local hot compress to alleviate the disease.

2. When cupping, if there are blisters, you can also choose to use anti-inflammatory liquid to wipe the method to adjust, choose to use the method of smearing purple liquid to care, can effectively avoid the skin surface infection and inflammation, can make the skin recover as soon as possible.

3. In the process of cupping, if there are serious physical discomfort symptoms, some patients may also lead to blisters on the skin. Make reasonable adjustment according to the severity. If there are slight blisters, they do not need to be treated and can be absorbed by themselves.

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Cupping is a common way to treat diseases. If some patients have severe symptoms of low immunity, they can also choose to use local ointment for treatment. In the process of cupping, more attention should be paid to skin care, and it is better not to take a bath immediately.