What medicine does acute endometritis take

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Patients with endometritis in the treatment at the same time we must pay attention to some usual eating habits, if there are some bad habits should be corrected in time, the treatment of endometritis many women can not accept surgical treatment, although taking medicine treatment will be slower, but many women can still accept, let's talk about acute endometritis What medicine should I take.

What medicine does acute endometritis take

Drug 1: drug treatment: Senile endometritis can be treated with diethylstilbestrol 0.25-0.5mg orally once a day for 1-2 weeks, and appropriate antibiotics for 5-7 days. At the same time, the treatment of senile vaginitis.

Drug 2: physical therapy: moderate and severe patients can choose physical therapy in the case of ineffective drug treatment, but physical therapy will cause harm to the body, with great side effects, easy to lead to insensitivity of vaginal wall nerve, no pleasure in sexual life, and easy to lead to infertility, so this therapy can not be used for infertile women.

Drug 3: surgical treatment: severe patients in drug treatment and physical therapy are invalid, can choose whether to use cervical conization or total hysterectomy, less than last resort, do not recommend the use of surgical treatment.

matters needing attention

Attention should be paid to this disease: fruits are mostly eaten raw, but patients should also avoid it before and after menstruation. Sour astringent convergence of the product, it is easy to cause blood stasis, patients should avoid eating. The pungent temperature is divergent, which is good for circulation and can be eaten: but it should not be too much, because the pungent stimulation is too much, the pain will be aggravated.