Where is the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine that treats whelk

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I have been suffering from acne for three years, but all of them are 3.4. But since last summer, my skin has suddenly deteriorated, and my whole face is long, especially my cheeks. Now let's share where is the traditional Chinese medicine hospital for treating acne.

Where is the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine that treats whelk

First: go to acne can have a relatively simple way, acne pit simple method can try pearl powder + egg white acne pit method. Pearl powder and egg white are both well-known whitening products. When they are mixed, not only the skin will become more and more smooth, but also the marks of acne will gradually fade. Moreover, it is cheap and easy to operate.

Second: appropriate massage can make acne smooth, massage can promote the blood circulation of facial skin, enhance the skin repair ability. Therefore, the scar that just took off blood can be removed by massage. First, apply some skin care products with repair function on the face, then gently rub the scar with the root of the palm, 3 times a day, about 10 minutes each time. Stick to massage for about two weeks, the scar will become light or even disappear.

Third: can choose the simplest apple to remove acne, if your skin has acne or acne imprint, then this treatment is very simple. Use it twice a week. Choose fresh apples. Pour boiling water on a piece of apple and wait for a few minutes until the piece is soft. Then take it out of the water, when it is cool to warm, stick it on the acne print, keep it for 20 minutes, then take off the face and wash it with water.

matters needing attention

Eat more fruits and vegetables, especially fruits and vegetables that can reduce sebum secretion and promote acne healing, but pay attention to fruits with high sugar.